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Learn How Nutrition Shapes Your Child’s Health & Wellness

Prescribe Nutrition and Weelicious

Introducing Kids Rule

Weelicious joins Prescribe Nutrition to bring you Kids Rule – a 12-day online nutrition class for parents to learn the science behind helping their families eat better. Use coupon code: wee20 to save 20%

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What You’ll Learn:

How nutrients work in your child

How to make healthy foods your kids will eat

The science behind picky eating

How to cope and understand food sensitivities

Dispelling common nutrition myths

Kitchen and cooking tips to make mealtimes easier

Why I Love Kids Rule

catherine-chloe-200Over the years, we’ve heard from many parents with questions about how their families can eat healthier. My answer was Weelicious. It grew from my perspective as a chef to create recipes made with fresh ingredients that were easy for any parent to cook. Now Weelicious is teaming up with Katie, Megan, and Anna of Prescribe Nutrition, to show you what healthy eating means. You’ll learn from two trained nutritionists who know and understand the mealtime challenges families face every day. Kid’s Rule is your family mealtime dream team, committed to helping you and your loved ones eat better.

Register and Get These Extras

When you register using code “wee20“, you’ll save 20% off Kids Rule, plus you’ll get these bonuses:

Thanksgiving, Upgraded.

Thanksgiving Cookbook

Prescribe Nutrition’s Thanksgiving Cookbook is filled with recipes incorporating whole foods to avoid trigger foods commonly associated with some less than desirable Thanksgiving dinner side effects. Make this year’s Thanksgiving a healthier one.
Weelicious Babyfood Recipe Cards

Weelicious Babyfood Recipe Cards

Get print-at-home recipe card set of Weelicious’ top babyfood recipes, because nothing is better than homemade babyfood.
Weelicious Sandwiches

Sandwiches Recipe Cards

We bundled our favorite Weelicious sandwich recipes into a recipe card set that you can print at home. Perfect for easy reference.

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Use Code: wee20 to Save 20%

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Hear from our happy students!

I’ve really enjoyed the motivation to get my kids involved in all aspects of meal prep and cooking. They really enjoy helping out, and it really is easier than you’d think to find jobs for them to do.

Kids Rule has given me the tools to get my family on board and hopefully the staying power to make this a lifetime choice.

The biggest victory: the idea of leveling up. By adding one or more ingredients that make a typical food more healthy, we all win.

My boys are eating salads I thought they would never eat (the salad bar works a treat).

I think it is a combination of your great recipes and us deciding to change the way we approach meals times, but our 18 month old is eating great and even eating things like chicken, plain veggies, and many others. I’m still kind of in shock.

Just wanted to recommend these recipes in case anyone is looking for what to make next!

The PN team deserves praise for taking complex subject matter and breaking it down into digestible chunks (ha! pun intended).

The resources have been so helpful. I have never understood the HOW or the WHY as well as I do now.

Learn How Nutrition and Great Food Go Together

Use code: wee20 to save 20%.

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